Safety is a primary concern of SCI.  We have a firm belief that all our employees leave the job at the end of the day un-injured and with the full capacity to perform their trade safely and efficiently the next working day.  We have implemented company policies and procedures to ensure and prevent future injuries from occurring. We believe that this plan will go a long way in alleviating any concerns and should clearly display that SCI has the training, management, experience, and attitude to ensure that SCI remains accident free.

Additional Policies:

  • Zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy and perform random screening.
  • Foreman lead daily stretch and bend routine with a required attendance.
  • Foreman lead am briefing to review potential hazards of upcoming work.
  • Weekly toolbox safety meeting to highlight job site concerns
  • Mandatory 100% tie off policy at six feet or above when sky web or simple saver is not in use