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Safety is our top priority

Safety is a top priority for SCI. We’ve developed company policies and procedures to prevent injuries. Our employees are skilled and trained in safety, including OSHA and MSHA, and most are certified to operate all equipment utilized for building erection.

Our .79 EMR Safety rating is a testament to our commitment and professionalism. Here are some of the details of our safety system:

  • Zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy as well as performing random screening
  • Foreman lead daily stretch and bend routine with required attendance
  • Foreman lead morning briefings to review potential hazards of upcoming work
  • Weekly toolbox safety meeting to highlight job site concerns
  • Mandatory 100% tie off policy at six feet or above when sky web or when simple saver is not in use
  • Equipment inspections done daily per site
  • PPE inspections done daily per person and site